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Integrative Physical Therapy


Healing Arts

The Art and Science of Healing

Jane’s integrative physical therapy sessions include  evidence based physical therapy assessment and treatments combined with alternative approaches to obtain best results for the patient.

Now offering: Tele-Health and Distant Energy Healing Sessions

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Jane Weedon, PT

My passion has always been about the body and how it moves and works and connects to our deeper selves.  Every choice I have made in my career and pursuit of education always has this passion at its core. My dance career was about learning how the body can be trained in an intensive physical discipline and how the body can express our most inner intimate selves.  My physical therapy education and career is about learning medically and biologically how the body works and how to help people obtain maximum functional movement and health.  My alternative health care education has been to expand my body/biological knowledge into the body’s energy fields and help people tap into their own body’s ability to heal. Tying all this knowledge together is my steady long-term meditation practice along with Qigong and yoga practices. The body/mind/spirit is not just a logo for me it has been a life pursuit that continues to grow.


The session is a comprehensive physical therapy session using evidence-based clinical physical therapy assessments and treatments integrating alternative modalities as enhancement for better outcomes.

Similar to Reiki but more in depth, Jane’s energy healing sessions are based in Cell Level Healing. Jane is sensitive to the subtle shifts in the client’s energy that may be contributing to illness, disease, pain and stress.  Jane is able to help balance and shift energy to help the client’s own body tap into its natural process of healing. 

Body Work

You don’t need to have an injury or pain to benefit from a body work session.  Regular body work sessions help keep the body functioning at your best and prevents injuries and chronic conditions.

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