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 Cell -Level Healing Founder

I fully endorse Jane Weedon for her work with Cell-Level Healing. Jane is fully trained and intuitively gifted in her work. She is one of those rare people who can listen to practical, research based information, and also go beyond data as she listens for inner guidance. This rare ability allows her to assist her clients at both practical and profoundly personal levels of healing. With great delight I have watched Jane’s evolution as a healer over the course of several years.

                                         Joyce Hawkes, Ph.D.

Over the years, Jane’s work in the field of energy healing has been an inspiration and blessing.  She has honed the efficacy of this modality through the lens of her own experience, combined with her extensive knowledge of the human body, and how it works.

                                                            -Helen Folsom MA, CHT

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