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"Jane is simply a fantastic physical therapist! I am a very active 36 year old man with a busy job and I enjoy playing tennis at a high level. I have had chronic left sided back, shoulder and neck pain for 10 years and I have tried many things to relieve it unsuccessfully. I believed in the last couple years there would not be much to do and I would just have to live with this discomfort. From my first appointment with Jane it became clear that not only would she help alleviate the current discomfort but she would work with me to develop the muscle strength and stability to reverse the process causing this chronic pain. Despite spending a large portion of her time working with children, Jane transitions easily to working with adults. The manual techniques, including massage, strength exercises and energy work employed by Jane have all significantly reduced the amount of chronic pain I have. I never thought I would be able to decrease this chronic condition, and now there are days where I do not feel it at all. Jane also takes a very detailed and personal approach to my physical therapy by learning about the positions in my home, work or tennis activities that cause me discomfort. It is this one on one interaction that has been critical to the improvement in my symptoms that is impossible to find at other large "factory like" physical therapy centers. Jane is a kind, patient, knowledgeable and extremely skilled physical therapist that I highly recommend."

                                                                                                D.L,  MD

Jane isn’t your average PT, she’s really a detective in disguise; a true problem-solver.  As an adult woman with mild cerebral palsy, I have unique physical challenges and Jane has never let me down in helping to figure out the cause of my pain, but more importantly, she consistently comes up with practical solutions to rid me of it.  With her great ability to listen, ask thoughtful questions and attention to detail, I always feel well cared for.    - K.D.

I have seen Jane for both physical and emotional ailments and have come away from our sessions with my pain gone and many other benefits I had not been looking for- better mobility, an ease and calmness of spirit- her connection of healing both mind and body is amazing.   - N.B.

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